Elmatronik is committed to uphold and maintain the following values in all their endeavors.

PRICE: Every effort is taken to ensure that Competitive prices are offered to our valued customers based on quantity and total off-take. Due to a well-defined marketing policy this ensures benefit to both the parties – the Buyer as well as the Seller.

QUALITY: All products are sourced from principals who have a clear TQM policy for the products, which are manufactured by them.

RELIABILITY: Products handled by us have to be reliable. This is ensured by proper understanding of the QC program/ISO certification obtained by the manufacturers.

SERVICE: We believe in extending the best service to our valued customers. Service levels vary from one organization to another. Extra effort is taken to ensure that the best Service is extended to all our valued customers because we firmly believe that this is the major factor, which can differentiate us from the competitors.

TRUST: This is positioned at the base of the pentagon to highlight the fact that this is most important aspect of all commercial transactions and the foundation on which business is built. At Elmatronik, this Trust has been our strength and the reason for our successful Growth in the past and on which we would like to build our Future.